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Bulk buying to achieve better pricing is a proven commercial practice.

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Introducing the Bauzer Contract Purchase


The fuel wholesale business has changed significantly over the last 10 years. Several new independent importers began to compete with oil majors, who had a monopoly on wholesale trading. Discounted products are now regularly available in the market, in addition to standard wholesale pricing. These originate from price increases or to make room in storage tanks for delivery of imported product.

The Bauzer Contract Purchase

The Bauzer Contract Purchase will allow you to take advantage of additional discounts in the market. Through a bidding process, Bauzer offers suppliers the opportunity to bid on the customer's volume. Customer volumes are packaged in bid parcels of 500 000 to 1,000,000 litres to make it worthwhile for suppliers. Customers can place a reserve price on a contract and are obliged to buy at least 85% of the contract volume from the winning supplier.

Significant Savings

Bulk buying to achieve better pricing is a proven commercial practice, which we believe will generate further significant savings for our customers.